The Life Of A Legend — A Percy Jackson Fanfiction

Author Note: Some of you may not have read the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series and Heroes of Olympus Series. Therefore, I have provided a brief summary of those series.

1. Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Percy Jackson is the protagonist of the 5-book series: Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Percy Jackson thought that he is just a normal lad with dyslexia and ADHD. What he did not know was that his father is the Greek God of the Seas, Poseidon. Percy blows up every school he goes to but that is unwanted. After Percy’s Algebra teacher Mrs. Dodds turns into a Fury of Hades, his friend Grover brings him with the help of his other teacher Mr. Brunner to a camp full of demigods like him and he finally thinks he is at home. In Camp Half-Blood, he meets Annabeth and gets to know that Mr. Brunner is actually a centaur teacher named Chiron and Grover is a Satyr. Together, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover do five books worth of adventures which include getting Zeus’ stolen Master bolt, getting the golden fleece, saving the goddess Artemis (who is the goddess of the moon and the hunt) who was kidnapped by the Evil Titan Lord Kronos, blocking the mythical Labyrinth, finding a prophecy of his birth and how he was supposed to either save Olympus or destroy it at the age of 16, and finally, defending Olympus against Kronos. At the end of the series, Percy defeats his evil grandfather, the Titan Lord Kronos, and saves the World. Percy finally thinks that he is in peace.

2. Heroes of Olympus:

The Camp is in mayhem as their leader Percy Jackson has gone missing. Annabeth rescues three demigods, a son of Zeus Jason, a son of Hephaestus, Leo, and a daughter of Aphrodite, Piper.

Jason has been brainwashed and Leo’s and Piper’s brain has been modified to think that they have been friends with Jason forever. They go on a quest to save Hera from the evil clutches of the giants.

The book ends with Jason remembering that he is actually a Roman demigod, the son of Jupiter, and tells everyone in Camp Half-Blood about what all he has remembered, and Leo starts building an air-battle ship.
After this, the succeeding book then shows that Percy has been brainwashed and sent into a Camp of Roman demigods called “Camp Jupiter”. There he is set on probation and tries to get into the Legion. Percy meets Frank, an unclaimed demigod, and Hazel, a daughter of Pluto.

After playing the war games, Mars comes to meet the Camp and tells them that a quest is needed and that his son, Frank would be the one leading the quest. Frank chooses Percy and Hazel to go with him and the trio then go to the Land Beyond the Gods, or simply Alaska, and defeat a giant and free Thanatos, which was their main goal.

They also bring back the Legion’s eagle and Percy is made a praetor and this book ends with Percy remembering that he is Greek.

The rest of the series tells how Percy, Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Frank, Hazel, and Leo go in the ship Leo has made, named the Argo II. They together face many challenges, including when Annabeth meets Arachnid and Nico, who the save, takes the Athena Parenthos to Camp Half-Blood, and when Percy and Annabeth fall together in Tartarus.

After they reach the forbidden ancient lands of Greece, the final battle takes place with the Gods and the heroes against the evil giants who what to wake Gaia, the primordial of Earth. Gaia wakes up but Leo takes her to the realm of Ouranos, the primordial of Sky, and blasts her, sacrificing himself in this process. The book ends when Leo is resurrected (but the rest of the seven do not know) and he goes to find Calypso to free her from her curse.

Description of The life of a legend:

After the seven dead, Percy feels that he has lost everything. But he is still not broken Then when he is awarded, everything goes wrong. He becomes a helper of demigods and he finally thinks he is at home. But fates have a lot in store for him… Two more wars to be exact…
Why is the book starting before the end of Blood Of Olympus? Why doesn’t Percy have Riptide? Why are the wars happening? Why did Percy change his own destiny? Why would Percy be killed and still be alive? Why would he not go to Esylum? Why would Percy be of three different pantheons? Why are some Kanes and Chases involved? And finally, why are you still reading the description? Go and read the book.

Book #1: The life of a legend(this book)
Series name: The Illiad of Percy Jackson.

Teaser: (this is some part of the next great prophecy):

A demigod of 3 different Pantheons too good,
Shall use all his powers to save where once Olympus stood.
As the most powerful of his kind,
He would try everything in his will to rewind,
Then something he will find,
That will make him try to win with all his might,
But he may or may not be right.
The person who was not always bad,
and was corrupted by the sad,
will strike a war at two pantheons of his,
The hero’s mortal essence will die with bliss.

[This is not the complete prophecy… Rest of it, you will know once you read]

Chapter One

Percy POV:

Flashback: 3 months back

Why, oh why? Gaea had awakened. Curse my nose, it destroyed everything with just one drop of blood. My amnesia and eight full months of unwanted sleep had been wasted. She was currently standing 5 feet above the ground, laughing like an evil maniac. Before she could say something, I saw my father, the Greek God Poseidon, lifting me in the sky.

Before the other gods could do the same to their children, Gaea moved her hand and killed everyone in 10 kilometers who was in contact with the ground. I turned around to see everyone who I cared for dead. I saw Annabeth’s body on the ground lifeless. Anger and adrenaline rushed inside me as I willed the water in the air to push me higher than I already was.

I wanted to just sit and break down but I knew I could not do that.

As I faced Gaea, in a deathly calm voice I said, “You have crossed your limits Gaea, may you fade but never rest.” I could see even some gods shiver from the corner of my eyes.

Poseidon POV: Still flashback.

I could feel Percy’s Aura rising until it was that of a minor god. His raven-black hair suddenly became erect like Zeus’ spawns’. Even I felt sympathy towards the boy. It was like the fates were making his thread of life from a celestial bronze wire which was constantly being dipped inside the river Styx. He was glowing Sea green, but his eyes were red from pure rage. His glare making even Gaea move back. Tears that left his eyes immediately evaporated from his glowing sea-green skin. He turned water vapor liquid and put it on Gaea’s head with all his force to distract her, before sprinting in the air and making riptide go through my grandmother’s heart. Her wound could have healed in a minute or two -maybe even less- but fortunately, Riptide was the special blade of the sea, so the wound would not heal for at least 10 minutes.

All the gods including me saw this, stunned to do anything. He did not let Gaea fall, as she would have healed faster when in contact with the ground. Instead, he willed the water in her ichor to come out of her body. Gaea’s body blasted off, leaving behind gold ichor. We saw that the ichor started to flicker. The fates had decided to turn Gaea’s thread of immortal life grey, meaning the Earth goddess had faded into The Realm of Faded. Percy suddenly closed his hatred-filled eyes and clenched his sword tighter and fainted on the ground to the realms of Morpheus.

But what happened next surprised us even more, Riptide started rising in the sky, sunlight glistening from its bronze blade. In a powerful voice, Riptide spoke, or at least I assumed it spoke, “I am the spirit of Riptide, made to oppose Gaea by Ouranos. As his blood touched the sea, I was born out of vengeance and given to safe keeping to Pleione. Pleione then gave it to her daughter Zoe Nightshade and my master Percy got it after many others. My purpose is fulfilled and now I must go to the Realm of the faded to be with my creator. Perseus has been a faithful and great wielder.” With that the sword flickered and vanished, leaving us all flabbergasted.

Flashback end



Percy POV:

All the burials were conducted the day before. The last thing I saw of Annabeth was drachmas on her eyes and her peaceful expression as her coffin closed. Everyone cried and even the new campers sobbed. I have been crying for the past three months because they all died because of me. Because it was all my fault. I still could not believe that they all were gone. Nico, Jason, Piper, Hazel, Frank, Reyna, Travis Stoll, Connor Stoll…. And Annabeth. They could not leave him like this. Together forever, right?

Third Person POV:

Percy collected himself. packed his bag and put a dagger in his pocket, while sheathing his not-very-balanced replacement sword, he became ready for Hermes to pick him up along with the rest of the demigods, who he mostly did not know much about. He walked out of Cabin 3 to find Hermes and the others already there, waiting for him.

He nodded at Hermes and in a blink of an eye, they were in the throne room. Then Hermes, who had turned into Mercury, making him a bit taller with formal clothes and a heavy voice. He then went and bought the Romans as well before turning back to Hermes. Zeus spoke, “We gods are extremely sorry for your losses. Anyways, without pondering on it further, it is time for the rewards.”The king of the gods nodded at Percy’s father and the god of the sea stood up.

“Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, for your extreme loyalty and your help in the two great wars: The Titanomachy 2 and the Gigantomachy 2, we not only offer you the gift of godhood, but we all will be also willing to give you a place on this council if you agree.”

Everyone in the room gasped. Percy… An Olympian? Percy moved forward and bent on one knee and replied, “Thank you so much for this offer father but I must decline this.” All eyes were on Percy now, shocked at his modesty and selflessness. The two times savior of Olympus looked at the King of Olympus and added, “But I do have four wishes and I hope that it will be fulfilled.”

Zeus came out of his shock and composed himself before replying, “Very well. I swear on the River Styx that Percy’s wishes would be fulfilled by us gods if it is in our power. Now you may say your-”

“-Wait”, interrupted the god of the sea sadness and proudness both visible in his eyes. “Before we move ahead, I would like to give this Trident to my son. This is like a mini version of my Trident and will help him control his water-powers better. Also, he will be able to cause minor earthquakes. This would be a replacement for Riptide and he would use this as a weapon for fighting. It can be turned to a tattoo under his SPQR one by just thinking and will change back to a Trident if he touches the tattoo. Also, nobody will be able to pick the trident except you. Even Hercules won’t be.” Saying that Perseus was surprised would be an understatement.



Everyone in the throne room was astonished except Hephaestus and Poseidon, signaling that the God of the Forges had made it. “Thank you, father. I would like to name it Triplos, which, as you know, means Tripointed”, said the bane of Kronos accepting the gift. He twirled it once and then made it turn into a tattoo and he felt a burning pain on his forearm. He looked and saw a very beautiful trident carved under his SPQR tattoo. The tattoo was glowing green and waves were flowing all around it. It looked miraculous.

Percy nodded at Zeus and stated his first wish, “Firstly, I want Lady Hestia and Lord Hades to become a part of the Olympian Council and all the peaceful titans like Calypso and Leto to be freed from their prison.”

Everyone was surprised by his actions. Lady Hestia came running towards him from the hearth and hugged him and whispered, “Thank you”, again and again, whereas Hades just patted on the Minotaur Slayer’s shoulder, expressing his gratitude, not used to physical contact.

Two thrones suddenly appeared out of nowhere. One was made of fire and had a heart-shaped backrest, while the other was made of shadows and a skull on each armrest. Zeus was angry but agreed but did not forget to glare at Percy.

Then, he went ahead with his other wish. “My second wish would be to combine the two camps if it is OK with the new Praetors of Legion 12 and name it as Camp Olympus”.

The Praetors started discussing with the senate and agreed sometime later. Now there was only one camp, and this would help all the demigod population.

Percy then faced the king of the gods and said, “My third wish is that you remove the ancient laws that state that you can meet your children often and stay with them for some time. Maybe you can stay with us at camp for some time then.” This wish earned many gasps but Zeus grudgingly revoked the laws.

Percy then faced his favorite uncle Hades and announced his last wish.

“And my last wish. I know that the dead cannot be brought back, therefore I wish that all the demigods that sacrificed their lives and died in this war to go to Elysium, including the ones that joined the enemy.”

After the gods assure him that his wishes have been fulfilled, Dionysus led them to a party that everyone except Percy attended and enjoyed.



Percy POV:

I was sitting outside the party hall when I saw a demigod running with a satyr, behind him were two ferocious-looking Emposai. I ran to the elevator and pressed the ground button. The music was so bad and the elevator’s one light bulb was not working. Oops, got distracted… Blame it on ADHD. As soon as the door opened, I ran out and went near the Emposai. I decided to use the dagger and lunged forward. The monsters noticed me and shot an arrow at me. I ducked and rolled towards them before sending them back to Tartarus.

Jake POV:

The person with green eyes and raven black hair came running at me and I cowered behind my best friend Rob, who I now knew was a goat-man. The boy can forward and introduced himself as Percy. He looked friendly and I decided to trust him, therefore introduced myself. I suddenly remembered that Rob had told me about this guy. He was like the leader figure. From that moment onward, I made banishing him my main motive. This guy then explained to me about being a demigod and all the gods. He took me to the 600th floor of the Empire State Building and just as I got in the party hall, everyone looked at Percy and then at me. Then they started looking on top of me. I looked up to see a torch burning above my head.

Percy POV:

That was the symbol of Hecate. I clapped and announced, “All hail Jake Spells, the child of Hecate.” I motioned Jake to go to his brothers and sisters and he happily went and started chatting. Zeus then announced, “Demigods, you would be stayed in the Olympus Guest rooms for now until Athena and her children design the new camp and Hephaestus and his children make it along with Poseidon’s Cyclopes.” I became sad remembering how happy Annabeth would have been if she was given to design the camp, then, I became a bit happy as I would be meeting Tyson, my half-brother. Hopefully, nobody noticed the expressions on my face as I don’t want any more pity than I already am getting. Hermes and Apollo guided us to our rooms and I had an entire room to me being the only demigod child of the Sea God.


Chapter 2


Time skip to 20 days.

Percy POV:

The camp is done and we demigods will be moving in it today. I have been trained with Chiron and my dad in Olympus, learning how to use the trident and Jake was being taught by the Hecate campers. Today, I would fight with Chiron with the Trident and even other weapons of mine just so he can check my skill level. We would be moving to camp after the fight. Nobody has seen the camp except for the Hephaestus and Athena kids but they are not telling us. I have found a sword and even though it is not well balanced like Riptide, I have been using it. I was about to go to the arena when Tyson came to me with a pen case in his hand. I looked at him questioningly and gestured towards the case.

“Hey brother, I got to know a few weeks back that you don’t have Riptide anymore and from then I have been preparing something for you. It has been enchanted by the cabin counselor of Hecate himself. This here is a sword, like Riptide. It is now in pen form and it will come back to the owner, which will be you once you touch it. I have not touched it with my bare hands, so I am not the owner. Also, once you decide its name, the name will be engraved on its hilt.”

I was flabbergasted and hugged him. He hugged me back and almost broke my bones. I expressed my gratitude to him and ensured him that I will use this. I took it from the case and felt the energy flow into me, most likely meaning that it had chosen its owner. I looked around to see if anyone was looking because I wanted it to be a surprise to everyone while fighting Chiron and uncapped it. It turned into a beautiful sword perfectly balanced. It had water swirling around it, just touching the blade. The hilt was golden in color and the blade was brown, golden, silver, sea green with some gold flakes and blue. Energy flowed into me from the water and also I felt rejuvenated from it. I questioned Tyson, “Why is the blade in different colors?”

“Oh, those are different metals. The brown is Celestial Bronze. The golden is Imperial gold. The silver is Olympic Platinum and Titanium mix. The sea green is Oceanic gold. And finally, the blue is the concentrated power of the ocean which you can use to spray on enemies and people will die if it touches their skin. It will spray if you think about it. Also, no one except you can wield it and pick it up once you touch it until you die. If someone else tries, his hand starts burning, not like your Trident as nobody can pick that up. Now please think and name for it”, explained Tyson. I was dumbfounded. I did not even know so many metals. I hugged him and fist-bumped, saying thank you repeatedly. Then thought of the name. “I would like the name to be Katalixi, which means Ending.” Suddenly, the hilt became so hot that I almost dropped it. I checked it and it was written ‘κατάληξη’ over there. So, the name had been imprinted there huh. I thanked him and he wished me luck for my fight.



Zeus POV:

Today would be a fight between my nephew and my Half-brother. The truth is that I have started to like and respect my nephew more than even Heracles. He is a perfect product of what a demigod should be and is even more loyal than my brother. The proof of that is the fact that Poseidon plotted against me along with Hera because he wanted the throne. I hope Perseus wins. Right now, we gods are waiting in the arena, waiting for when the match will start. I saw him enter the arena from one end and Chiron from the arena. My brother Poseidon stands up, and says, “Today, we are here to see a friendly dual between my son Perseus and my half-brother Chiron. Powers are allowed for Percy. You both can use any weapon, including magic weapons. May the fight begin.”

I saw Chiron take out a spear. Percy saw this and touched his forearm and in a blink of an eye, there was the Trident in his hands. They both took their stances and started circling each other, looking for openings. Suddenly I saw an opening in Percy’s stance and by the looks of it, Chiron saw it too. Chiron jumped forward on his four legs and galloped forward, stabbing his spear towards Percy. It looked like Percy had anticipated this move and allowed Chiron to find an opening because he pushed his trident forward and tried to put the spear between the two blades of the trident and when it was locked successfully, he twisted in in an attempt to disarm Chiron. But Chiron was strong, so he was not able to twist it.

Chiron then pushed his spear forward in an attempt to stab Percy at his chest, which Percy responded to by ducking and twisting his Trident with full power. This much power broke the spear and Chiron retreated. Chiron took out his bow, knocked an arrow, and shot it towards Percy. Percy concentrated and a stream of water came out of the middle blade of Triplos and deflected the arrow.

They continued this until Chiron’s quiver ran out of arrows and he sheathed his bow, taking out dual swords. I looked towards Percy and realized that he did not have his replacement sword in his sheath. As Percy saw Chiron draw his swords, he smirked and said, “Well, it is time for you to meet Katalixi.” My mind immediately translated it to Ending. He took out a dagger from his left pocket and took out a pen from his right. My eyes widened at the realization that the pen looked exactly like Riptide. But it could not be possible. Percy took out the cap of the pen and I saw the most beautiful sword come out. It radiated power and everyone gawked at it, including Chiron. Percy saw this as a distraction and ran up to Chiron and started attacking. He was a blur to even my Godly eyes at the start.



I noticed after some time that he had one steady rhythm. Also, that he was using a Roman method so Chiron would not recognize it. Slash, parry, stab, dodge, stab, slash, parry, stab, dodge, duck and slash, parry, jump and stab, parry. He went so fast that it was even difficult for Hermes to see. Chiron was still on defense, unable to do anything else because Percy was dodging his hits and attacking back. Then Percy used the first technique he had learned.

The one the spawn of Hermes ad taught him. Chiron was caught off guard from the sudden switch from Roman to Greek and he got disarmed. Chiron still had one sword but Percy retreated. Then Percy did something surprising, he sheathed his dagger and touched his forearm, so he gets his Trident out. Dual-wielding of a trident and sword? A medium-ranged weapon and a short-ranged one? I thought. A beam of water shot out of it and made Chiron fall.

Chiron still had the sword but the water that shot out soon gathered and went towards Chiron’s fallen sword, picking it up. The sword came back to Percy and he gladly took it, turning the Trident back into a tattoo. “Wow, what a tactic”, I commented, making sure no one heard. With two swords he used the Roman method of disarming and placed one sword behind Chiron’s head and the other pointing towards Chiron’s gut. “Do you yield?” he asked, panting severely and sweating profusely. Chiron nodded and the crowd including myself broke into applause. Even my son Ares was applauding, and that shocked all the Gods and Percy.

Percy then gave Chiron’s swords to him and said something I could not hear even with my advanced hearing due to the applause. Chiron sheathed his sword and shook Percy’s hand. Then, along with Percy who had also put his sword (now pen) back into his pocket, they both stood in front of them.

I was proud of Percy and today, I would show Poseidon that I have started caring for his spawn. I stood up from my throne and said, “Well done Percy. I am proud of you. You have learned to be a perfect demigod.” Everyone was looking at me, wide-eyed. “Your fighting styles are very good and confusing, but can you tell me from where you have got this sword of yours?” Percy explained and Poseidon was beaming with joy when he said that Tyson had made it. “A nice name chosen, Percy”, I commented once he had finished.

“If anyone doesn’t want to say anything then you all demigods may depart towards Camp Olympus.”

I looked around and I suddenly felt a presence in my mind. I realized that it was Hades’. I let him in my mind.

Hades: Brother, I want to give Percy something. Can I please give it to him?

Me: Sure brother.



Then Hades stood up and went to Percy while announcing. “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, you have brought back my Helm of Darkness, given me a throne on Olympus and you had been a good friend of my son Nico and for that, I would like to give you this double-sided battle-ax. May it always be with you when in need and I hope you will learn hope to use it well. Its one side is made of Imperial gold and the other one is made of Stygian Gold. Also, I permit you to touch Stygian metals.”

Percy was speechless. His jaw touching the ground. He closed his mouth and stuttered a thank you and accepted it. “Name it please and it would burn like Tyson’s sword until the name is engraved.

Percy POV:

I was dumbstruck. Uncle was giving me a battle ax? Iris tell me that your mist is doing this. It is not of course. I am such a seaweed brain. I suddenly became sad at that thought but did not let it show on my face. I quickly decided to name it Moiraios, meaning Fatal. After saying the name, the hilt suddenly became hot and I almost dropped it. I saw that the name had been engraved on it. Uncle nodded appreciatively and sat back at his throne, telling me that if I tapped twice on the hilt, it would turn to a cap, and the cap will always come back to me. Also, that if I take off the cap, it will turn into an ax. After some formalities by the gods, we went to the Camp Olympus 80-seater bus (it was quite long) and departed towards Camp Olympus.


Chapter 3


Jake POV:

The camp was very beautiful, but I did not care for the camp. I have learned all the spells my siblings know, and it is time to start my plan. After we all were settled, I sneaked to the Hypnos cabin. I used the dream change spell and made a fake dream showing Gaea asking Percy about camp and Percy sitting next to Kronos, talking about battle strategies. I did this to everyone at the Hypnos cabin. Then I went to Athena’s cabin and modified the dream to show that Percy had put fake tears when he went to Annabeth’s coffin and showed that he wanted Annabeth dead. He knew that everyone thinks that demigod dreams are true so they would believe in the dreams. Then I went to Demeter, Aphrodite, Ares, and Apollo Cabin and showed that he actually paused the time with the help of Kronos and then killed Piper and Frank. I was exhausted by it, so I did one last thing.

I went to Chiron made a fake dream showing Gaea asking Percy about camp and Percy sitting next to Kronos, talking about battle strategies, and wanted to kill everyone. After that, I went to my cabin and fainted on my bed from exhaustion.



Percy POV:

I liked the architecture a lot and I cannot help but think that Annabeth would have loved it. With that thought, I fell asleep on my new bed and was happy to find that I did not dream. I woke up 3 hours before anyone wakes, which was unusual, so I went to the training area. Nobody was awake yet, which was not at all surprising. I took off my cap and it changed into Moiraios. I happily started training and learned some moves and killed a lot of dummies. I was drenched in sweat, so I went to my cabin and took a shower. I checked the watch given to me by my English teacher and stepfather, Paul Blofis, and realized that I was ten minutes late for breakfast. I sprinted to my table and saw that everyone was looking at me with disgust, hurt, and betrayal in their eyes.

I got very confused but shrugged it off and started eating. After I finished, I saw that Clarisse, along with all other Ares campers and Will coming from the other directions with all other Apollo campers. Why were they coming towards me? Ares and Apollo cabin never cooperate, so why today? Why were they coming towards me? Is there capture the flag today and I did not pay attention and they are coming to me to discuss? My thoughts were interrupted when they started beating me and hitting me. I could not do anything because of my fatal flaw. I felt betrayed and lonely. Why were they doing this? What have I done? The Apollo campers were with them, so I could not go to the infirmary, therefore I just went to the lake and made the water clean and heal me. Then, I went to Chiron to ask what had happened to the campers and he just ignored me, muttering that I was a disgrace to the Greek world, and went somewhere else.

I could not handle this anymore and decided to leave the camp and be an assassin, killing monsters and bringing new demigods to this camp, asking them not to believe the Percy Jackson rumors and changing my name to something else. So, I went to my cabin and packed, putting Ambrosia and Nectar, along with some clothes, and wore all the enchanted weapons. I left my watch, the one given to me by my step-father because I wanted it to be there if I ever returned.



Jake POV:

Yes! I could see the betrayal in his eyes. Now, it was time for the second part of my plan. I saw Percy coming out of his cabin and saw that people from the other cabins were already out. I changed the mist so that it shows that 15 hell-hounds came from the forest and pounced towards me. Then I changed the mist to make it seem that I killed all of them with my sword fearlessly. Everybody started clapping and saying that I should be the leader instead of Percy and I saw Percy leaving the camp.

I went to Percy and mockingly said, “So, did you like my magic of turning everyone against you and making that show out of the mist? I changed everyone and now I will be the leader of this camp” He was so angry and took off his cap and came towards me with his ax, ready to kill me. Campers started running towards him trying to make him stop and before he could swing his ax at me but Hermes intercepted and said, “Perseus”, with venom, and added monotonously, “You are summoned to Olympus.” And with that Hermes and flashed away with Percy.

Percy POV:

I was furious. How could Jake do this after I saved his life? When Hermes flashed me to the throne room, I immediately bowed to the council. I saw that they all were very angry and realized that their children must have told them the lies. Before I could say anything, Zeus said, “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, for your Treason against Olympus, the council hereby sends you to Tartarus to rot until you di-”

“Wait”, I cut him off.

Chapter 4

“I have not done anything; I swear on the river Styx.” Everyone visibly relaxed. I then explained to them who had done this and why Jake had done it. Apollo kept on interrupting me by telling everyone that I was saying the truth. The King of the Gods was furious and demanded Jake to be brought and executed but again my fatal flaw kicked in and I told him not to.

They told me that I can go back to the camp, but I refused and told them my plan. “Very well, but before you go, I think you deserve to be first blessed by all the Olympians and made partially immortal. Do you accept?”



I was beyond shocked and by the looks of the faces of other gods, this decision of Zeus was not voted and discussed. I thought about Annabeth and how she would have liked if I had chosen this. I knew that when I would die, I would still be able to meet her. So, I made my decision. “I- I wi-will b-be hon-honored m-my lo-lord”, I stuttered out. Zeus chuckled and every god became human-sized. Zeus came to me and shot a beam of pure energy towards me.

I felt a pain that was like the pain I felt while lifting the sky times the pain I felt while taking a dip in the River Styx. I fell to the ground shaking from the pain. “You will be able to summon lightning bolts, control winds, I have permitted you to fly in my domain and you may change into an eagle. Everyone one by one gave me their blessing and every time I fell to the ground in pain.

From Hera, I got the ability of telekinesis and telepathy. I would be able to turn into a cuckoo, can read the minds and emotions of everyone easily.

From dad, I got better control over my water power (including the ability to freeze and evaporate it). I can turn into Pegasus and other horses including Arion and Unicorns. I also got the ability to change shape only to a non-living thing (still not Frank 2.0). He also gave me two more abilities but told me that I would have to find them on my own

From Artemis, I got partial immortality, hunting skills, the ability to be light on my feet, the ability to turn into a deer, the ability to talk to wild animals, the ability to be better with a bow, and the ability of healing in the moonlight but that would take a lot of time. I also got a mortal silver hunting knife which was a foot long for killing mortals and werewolves and it can come back to me as a ring. I named it Fengitis which means moonsilver. Also, she told me that there is a hidden thing about Fengitis, but that I have to find it on my own.

From Apollo, I got better archery skills, the ability of healing under sunlight but will take a lot of time and manipulation of it, can write poems. Better healing rate and can tell if a person lies. I also got an Imperial Gold hunting knife just like Artemis’, even with the same enchantments. He also said there is something special about it. He told me it was already named Fotovolída.

From Demeter, I got the ability to sprout plants, shrubs, and herbs. The ability of plant travel (like Meg from Trials of Apollo).

From Dionysus, I got the power to cure madness, madden people for more than 3 hours, and ability to sprout vines.

From Ares, I got the ability of easily learning any combat skills, he removed the curse I got when I battled him(reluctantly), the ability to focus during battle, the ability to know how to use each weapon, and the ability to change into a vulture.

From Hephaestus, I got a bow made of all Godly and mortal metals (excluding cosmos metals) which can be summoned, I can forge almost anything and be fireproof but will not be able to control fire.

From Aphrodite, I got better looks and a very strong charmspeak, the ability to change into a dove, the ability to change appearances, and the ability to change clothes by just thinking.

From Athena, I got a lot of wisdom, the ability to weave, the ability to change into an owl, and an unbreakable shield that can be turned into a watch and will come back to me. I named it Empodio which means barrier. I also got cured of my dyslexia and am partly cured of my ADHD, though I still am not able to focus that much.

From Hermes, I got the ability to be as fast as light, the ability to be very sneaky, and having a good mind for pranks.

From Hades, I got the ability of shadow traveling to short distances, the ability to summon dead and gems and metals. I also got the ability to know if someone is near death.

From Hestia, I got better cooking skills, the ability to summon food, the ability to control fire, the ability to fire travel, and the ability to spread hope. I also got a staff which can also be turned into a spear by thinking of it. I named it Evelpi which means hopefulness. It can be turned into a necklace if I tap three times on the top of the staff and will always come back to the owner.

The Olympians then called Geras and Hebe to bless me together so that I can change my age as I want.

I then asked them whether I can leave, and they told me I have 1 year to master all the blessings then I will have to get back to the job. I thanked them and assured them that I will try to. As I was going to the elevator, there was a bright flash near me and I met a goddess I thought I would never meet; Hecate.


Chapter 5


Percy POV:

I bowed to her hesitantly. “Rise Perseus”, said the magic goddess, “I am here to apologize for my son’s actions, and I will give you my blessings. Do you accept?”

“Lady Hecate”, I replied, “I will be honored to but let me tell you that it is not your mistake. You do not need to apologize for the mistakes of your son.”

Another beam was shot from her hand and excruciating pain hit me once again. I was happy and decided that I would not go through the elevator. I jumped through the barrier of Olympus and started falling. I concentrated on changing my body to that of an eagle and felt a tug in my gut which was a bit different from the normal one. I opened my eyes to find it zoomed 1000 times my normal one. I could not see the color blue, which was weird. I moved my hands up and down and started rising, indicating I had succeeded. I went towards Camp Olympus to see what was happening and to see it for the last time.

I concentrated on changing to a Dove and once I transformed, I sat on Thalia’s tree. I could see the Athena Parthenos and I could see the Gods talking but could not hear them. Then, I could see the campers beating Jake and crying. I changed into an eagle so I could hear them and heard Chiron asking for search parties.

I was done with them and decided to go to Quebec and try to train with ice over there without Boreas and Khione knowing. Then I decided I would go through the sea. So, as I was hovering above the Statue of Liberty, I changed back to human form and, with the help of air, shot downwards into the sea. I propelled myself with the help of water and went through the Lower Bay, then taking a full 180 to the Block Island Sound where I rested for some time, thinking about how the campers betrayed someone they knew for 9 years to someone who they knew for 23 days. Even when they knew my Fatal Flaw was Personal Loyalty! I thought of asking my father something via the water currents and felt him enter my mind.



Me: Hey dad, you there?

Dad: Yes son, what happened? Something important?

Me: Yes dad, I wanted to ask how I can vapor travel. Can you please tell me?

Dad: Sure son, you just have to concentrate on the moisture around you and will your body to do the same. Then, you can simply imagine the place you want to go to, and you will reach there as your presence will go through the vapors. Then to turn back just will your body. But let me warn you, it is extremely tiring for the first few times.

Me: OK dad, thanks a lot.

With that, the connection was closed. I propelled myself and shot out of the water. I tried controlling winds (courtesy of Zeus) and started floating on top of the water. I tried Vapour traveling a few miles in front of me. For the first few times, I could not. Sweat trickled down my face as I tried to vapor travel, concentrating despite my ADHD. Suddenly, I felt like my body molecules were going through a tight tube and reforming somewhere else. Exhaustion washed over me as I opened my eyes to find that I indeed had vapor traveled. My loss of energy made me lose control of the winds and I fell straight into the water. Just as my body touched the water, I felt rejuvenated and fresh. I continued my journey to Quebec. I tried reaching Zeus and when my uncle allowed me to enter his mind, I asked him if he could mask my aura while I am in Quebec.

He agreed and told me that my aura would be a bit stronger than a mortal but less than a normal demigod. After expressing my gratitude to him, I again propelled myself in the air but this time, tried to turn into Hazel’s horse, Arion. My body started aching a bit, which made me wince in pain and close my eyes. The tugging sensation increased and almost felt unbearable. I realized that it was because I was trying to turn to a rare species. When the pain stopped, I opened my eyes and looked in the reflection of water, finding out I looked like Arion. I galloped forward, increasing my speed, till I was the speed of sound. After approximately 4 minutes, I was standing at a beach in Quebec, almost frozen. I turned back to a human and touched the water. I felt rejuvenated but was freezing. Then, after ten minutes of trying, I finally managed to use Aphrodite’s blessing s to change my clothes into a black hoodie with a warmer inside and blue jeans.

Instead of turning into a Pegasus myself, I called Blackjack.



Katie POV:

I was depressed that I blamed Percy for teaming up with the enemies, even when I knew he would not. I wandered in the Pegasus stable and came across Percy’s Pegasus, Blackjack. I conjured hay from my mother’s powers and he bent down and started eating. I sat down next to him. My thoughts wandered to Jake. How his fatal flaw, which happened to be a hunger for power, was obnoxious to the other campers.

We called him a fiend and hooligan, driving him out of the camp into exile ludicrously, just as the gods broke the news of Percy being innocent to us. Suddenly, his head jerked up and he started running. I understood that he was going to Percy and pounced on him and held his rein.

He suddenly stopped and spun around repeatedly until I felt dizzy and fell off Blackjack, barfing. He flapped his wings victoriously and flew off. After I wasn’t feeling dizzy, I looked around trying to find him but he was just a black dot at the horizon. I took the compass that was made by the Hephaestus Cabin and checked his direction. “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, I am going to find you, I swear on the River Styx”, I said before heading out to the big house, in search of Chiron, to tell him the new lead of Percy’s whereabouts. Percy is somewhere North.


Chapter 6


Percy POV:

Once Blackjack came, he started talking to me:

Blackjack: Hey boss, you here? Everyone is looking for you.

Me: Hey Blackjack, yes. Do not tell anyone I am here. I am here for important business. Anyways, can you please take me for a stroll above this city and the forest?

Blackjack: Ok boss, but do you have a doughnut?

Me: I will give it to you after the stroll.

Blackjack: Ok boss, come on.



I mounted Blackjack and found a perfect spot for building a hut in the middle of the forest and asked Blackjack to land over there. I cut down 30 trees and went back to Blackjack. After 5 minutes of concentrating, which was tough because of my ADHD, I was finally able to summon a doughnut from Hestia’s blessing. I gave it to Blackjack and he happily ate it. I asked him to go back to the camp and he grudgingly agreed. I decided that I had to paint the whole house white on the exterior just to blend into my surroundings. I tried to think about how I possibly could paint. I decided to make some things hidden so only I can find them in the house. Looking around, I found the perfect spot for my house and a spot next to it for sawing the wood. I started going to the spot where I would saw the wood from my sword but tripped on something on my way there. I got up and dusted myself before looking down to see many metals and glasses under me. Then a note popped out of nowhere and it said:

A gift from me, Percy Jackson. The metals are celestial bronze, stygian platinum and iron, and imperial gold. There is a metal and wood saw in the bag and I have also given you glass for the window plus some paints. I would prefer if you made a secret armory where you make weapons that you can use when not using the enchanted ones and you can also keep the enchanted weapons in a special pocket in the bag. From that pocket, it will not come to you until you are 30 meters away from it or if the zip is open. All the best Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson. I hope to see you soon.



I thanked him and started building, hoping that Hephaestus’ blessing would allow me to make a good house.

Chapter 7


Percy POV:

Time skip: 1 month

It took me one month to build my hut. In it, there are two bedrooms, a stable (for Blackjack), an armory with all kinds of weapons including bows with many quivers containing arrows of different metals, balanced swords (Stygian Platinum and Imperial gold), dual battle-axes, and many more. I also built a tunnel which was connected to the sea. In the sea, I made a big training area only for trying blessings. I made it in the sea so I can be energized if I get tired by trying something. I had 2 bathrooms and a fountain for Iris messages, from which I would constantly message and receive messages from the Olympians. I also made a training ground in my hut so that I can improve with my weapons over there.

Right now, I was practicing and trying to find more moves (which I did not know from Ares’ blessings) from the hunting knife given to me by Artemis. After 20 minutes of trying out different moves, I sat down and started looking at the hunting knife. After staring at it for some time, I found a small button at the hilt of it. I was surprised, then I remembered Artemis saying that there was something special about the hunting knife. I pressed the button excitedly and there was a bright silver light that made me close my eyes.



When I opened my eyes, I found that it had turned into a bow! It was silver with black lines on it. Very beautiful indeed. I tried the same with Apollo’s dagger and there was a gold flash. Apollo’s bow was Golden in color with blue streaks. I pulled back the string of the bow and all the information on how to use the weapon in its hunting knife form as well as its bow form came into my mind. I realized that this bow had been blessed by both the twins of Leto so that air does not deviate it. I pulled the string a bit more and thought ‘Stygian Iron’, and suddenly, there was a Stygian Iron arrow knocked on the bow, ready to be shot. I squealed and jumped, then took a deep breath and tried to shoot towards a dummy, hoping that Apollo’s and Artemis’ blessings would work.

Just as I was about to leave it, I closed one of my eyes, aimed it towards the dummy’s stomach once again, and shot. It pierced the stomach of the dummy. A perfect shot.

When I did the same thing with Fotovolída, I realized that the arrows in it could also change the metals but more importantly they are all plague arrows as Apollo is also the God of Plague.



Time skip: 2 Months.

I had just finished training with a bident when I heard an indistinguishable sound. I went outside and saw a black-colored monster, the size of a Canadian. I quickly took out Katalixi from my pocket and removed my cap to form Moiraios. Moiraios was in my left hand whereas Katalixi was in my right hand. Making sure he did not see me, I went behind him, tossed my sword and held it like a dagger, and plunged my sword in his calf.

He cried in pain but did not disintegrate. I took the sword out of his leg and he unsheathed his sword out of nowhere. He slashed at me and I ran for dear life. I sheathed my ax and my sword and took out my trident, before throwing at him like a javelin. It pierced his legs and he was not able to pick it up like expected. He growled in anger as I had pinned him down and slashed his sword at me, which was blocked at the last second by my ax. Our battle went on for what felt like hours, and we both were drenched in blood and sweat. I was not able to heal because the thick forest canvas was not letting sunlight in.

I knew I could not defeat him so I did something. Tyson had told me about the concentrated power of the ocean and I willed it to shoot out of my sword and hit the giant. Once it did, the giant disintegrated into nothingness. I slumped down and just sat on the ground for some time, trying to stop panting. Suddenly, a portal appeared in front of me and a man with all his clothes black with white powder came to me. I quickly stood up and came into my stance, with Moiraios in front and Katalixi behind.

The man raised his hand in a surrendering position and chuckled before saying, “Calm down Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson”.

“Who are you, what do you want and how do you know my name?” I asked him rudely.

“The Egyptians call me the Good Ma’at, the Indians call me Om, but for you, I am Chaos, the Creator of the universe, the primordial deity of existence, creation and good, and the strongest person in the universe”



I immediately bowed to him and he told me to stand. I realized the powder in his shirt was stars.

I was going to ask him why he was floating but it seemed like he already knew that I was going to ask that because he answered straight away. “Jealous and power-hungry Gaia will absorb all my power if I step on this planet.”

“That thing you defeated right there, is a gigantiaío katholikó téras, which as you would have understood, means, Giant Universal Monster. There are only two of their kind in the whole universe, one made to defeat me, and the other to defeat my brother Order. They were made by my evil brother End. You have allowed me to visit you by defeating this monster. Tell me, what do you want for this favor?” Explained and asked the creator of the universe.

“My lord, I wish for nothing. It was a good challenge for me to defeat gigantiaío katholikó téras and I am happy that I was able to help you come to this planet. Thank you so much.”

“Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, you are too modest. That is the reason that my son and grandson also want to meet you to give you their blessings. I, Chaos, hereby, give you, Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, my blessing. With this, you would be able to create portals, create planets to practice, summon anything, Void travel to around 1 light year and my planet. You will also be able to control gravity and make monsters who will be loyal to you. You can also summon them. You will be able to breathe in all kinds of the environment including Space and Tartarus, and you will have indestructible wings. You will have increased stamina and know when trouble finds you. Finally, you will be able to contact and mess with the other pantheons without getting cursed.” He said as a black beam was shot from his hand towards me. I was shocked but I quickly closed my eyes and braced myself for unbearable pain, but it never came.

I opened my eyes to ask Chaos why he gave me his blessings and ask him but he was already gone. I decided that now it was time for practicing with powers and that dad’s would be first then Chaos’ would be the second. I will create a planet after I learn Chaos’ powers so I can go practice there without destroying anything over here.

Dad’s would be first because I am thinking that I would not put water on that planet and try different methods to heal and feel rejuvenated. So, I started practicing and trying to control ice.


Chapter 8


Time skip: 1 month

I had learned how to make an earthquake and learned how to freeze water to make ice, make I ice so hard that it would not break, I learned how to draw water from water vapor, I can vapor skateboard in the air with the help of water vapor, I can mist-travel to 15 times before I faint from exhaustion with the help of my dad’s blessings. I can summon anything, create portals and go through them without vomiting (yes, I vomited the first time), I have tried Void traveling to Olympus and have reached China the first few times (High-five Nico), I have even tried to create a planet but failed from the creator’s blessings.

Chaos contacts me regularly and instructs me on how to use my power. Today, I would try to make a planet, and then Void travel there. I have decided what to name it so my grudges with a particular god disappear. I closed my eyes and concentrated on making a planet. Thin air, 30 percent smaller than Earth, 72.34 percent of earth’s gravity, and clouds that can summon lightning were all I needed. I felt heat generate in my body and much of my energy leaving me and helping me form what I want. After ten minutes of it, I collapsed on the ground, panting from concentration and sweating profusely.



After ten minutes, I just put my hand in the water and was fit to travel to the planet. I Void traveled over there and was shocked to see that it was formed properly. I then officially named the planet (reluctantly) Mars. Just as I did that, there was a golden flash, and Ares in his Roman counterpart, was standing there, his expression a mix of pride, smugness, and joy.

I did not even bow to him but Mars just ignored that and addressed me in a high-base voice, “Perseus Achilles Theseus Jackson, you have done well to name this planet on me. This may have removed some of the grudges between us, thereby, I offer you this gauntlet. It changes into a full-body, light, and almost impenetrable armor. This has a set of twenty throwing knives that will go in the direction you have thrown them irrespective of how strong the wind is. The top pocket has squares of ambrosia and nectar which will refill on its own. Also, all your magic weapons can be stored inside it and the armor will turn back to a gauntlet if you think of it. This armor has a bident hidden in it. You can summon the bident if you are wearing the armor. The throwing knives will return to your armor pocket just like your throwing knives. The armor is named Adia which is short for Adiapérastos, which you know means impenetrable. The bident is named Gia, which is short for Apergía which means strike.”

I was staring at the god, wide-eyed because of shock and astonishment. I never thought Mars would give me something but I guess the Roman side is different. I hesitantly and reluctantly bowed to the god and accepted the gift. Then, the soil wrapped around Mars and the god disappeared with a flash, leaving blood at the spot. I sighed and smiled thinking, “Like father, like son.”

Then the shadows began to form a man until one huge person was standing next to me.


Chapter 9


Percy POV:

I immediately went into a stance with my ax in my left hand and my sword in my right. I was about to charge at this figure when it spoke.

“Easy Perseus, my dad Chaos must have told you about me. I am Erb rus, the primordial of darkness, shadow, and shade and I am here to give you my blessings.”

I bowed to him after he introduced himself and before I could do anything, the pain went through my whole body and I knew that he had blessed me. I tried to protest but no voice came out. The last this I saw was that Erbrus had disappeared and after that, there was a bright white flash. Proceeding the flash, my eyes unwantedly closed as I drifted into the Realm of Morpheus.



One Day later:

I hate dreams. Throughout my sleep, I saw my whole life from my point of view. When the betrayal happened, it was simply too much to bear. I tried to wake myself up by it was like some external force had stopped me from opening my eyes. Just as my eyes opened, I found myself in a golden room which was shining so bright because of a deity next to me. The deity’s skin was just glowing. He seemed to be sad and he was not paying attention to me. I cleared my throat and he instantly looked up; his eyes were glowing white. Then suddenly, a man wearing golden robes also appeared.

“Hello Perseus. Hope you are feeling good. I am Aether, the primordial of light and brightness.”, the one with white eyes said. I tried to bow to him but before I could, he stopped me. “My father Erbrus had blessed you and then, because you have two dark people’s blessings, Hades and my father’s, your dark side started fighting against your bright side. Only Apollo’s blessings kept you from fading completely. I did not know who you were, but I had to bless you to save you. After I blessed, a balance was maintained and you were good again. After you were saved, I decided to know who you were, so I came to Chronos, the primordial of time, who is standing here. I could not flash you in because only primordials and people who have his blessing can enter his kingdom. So, he blessed you and we brought you here. Chronos then showed me your memories and I must agree, you have faced a lot child. Now you have our blessings. With my dad’s blessings, you get another pair of wings, you can manipulate shadows, can hide in shadows, and change into his sacred animal, crow. With my blessings, you can light travel, see with your eyes closed, can control light, and increase it. You will also not be ADHD as you would be as focused as a laser, along with another pair of wings. I have one more thing for you but I will tell you that thing after Chronos explains his blessings.”

Me and Chronos both were quiet the whole time. Then, for the first time, Chronos spoke to me in a very low-pitched but loud voice. That voice sent a shiver down my spine and every molecule in my body seemed to shout at me to run. I, with much difficulty, suppressed the temptation of running.

“With my powers, you would be able to pause time for people and gods put the time would run normally for the people who you do not want to freeze. You can also speed up time for 2 minutes but that would require a lot of energy. I also give you the Scythe of my nephew and my first blessed, Kronos the Titan. It is, as you know, called blackbiter and can turn into any weapon though the metal in it remains the same. It can be summoned.”



I was surprised but accepted the gift. Then Aether gave me a USB with a cap. I raised his eyebrow in a questioning look and Aether explained to me, “This is a Double-sided sword named Lampsi, which as you know means brightness. It will, like most of your weapons, come back to you in your jacket pocket. It is made purely of light which makes it so light. Just take out the cap and it will be in your hand.”

I was astonished but thanked him. “Thank you, but now I must leave this planet because I have to train.”

“Percy Jackson, you will train with me and Aether for the next 800 years”, Chronos ordered me. “Sorry Lord, but the time given to me was 1 year, so I cannot train for so many years”, I replied. “I understand Percy but let me tell you, here, one day is 24 hours and one year in 365.25 days, still, because of my time slow, a hundred years on this planet would be just 1 month. You have 8 months so you can train here for 800 years. Now let me ask you again, will you train here for 800 years?”

Chronos’ tone was more threatening and ordering than questioning, so I reluctantly agreed.

“My armory, I always brought it with me. Can you please summon it here?”

“Yes, sure Percy”, Aether replied.



Time skip: 600 years on Planet Chronos, 61 days to finish one year on earth.

I trained every day with them. My schedule was like 6 hours training with weapons, 6 hours training with powers, 8 hours sleeping, and 4 hours free time which included eating time and relaxing time. I have trained and mastered all the blessings I have been blessed with. Now, I can defeat Atlas one on one. I have even trained with Hestia’s staff Evelpi and have even tried to defeat some monsters which I have done by using both Empodio and Evelpi as a deadly combination. I used to have Sundays free but I made a planet where I would go on Sunday to make monsters and train the ones I have already made. I had made more than 70000 monsters out of which 20 were peaceful.

Only I and Aether knew that I had created another sword just like Katalixi (except it did not have the concentrated power of the ocean) and used all my power of Hecate’s blessings to turn it into a bracelet. It can turn back to the weapon from just a touch and can turn back to a bracelet by tapping on the hilt of the sword two times. I named it Chtypima Dynamis which means Power Blow. I barely used it and only used Katalixi to fight as I wanted it to be a secret.



I still did not find out the two abilities given to me by dad. Whenever I tried to ask Aether, he would tell me it is mine to find. How much ever I tried to do anything related to water, I would end up doing the things I already know. I was frustrated but never lost hope, courtesy of Hestia.

I had forged many more weapons like a mace and I had made many other swords for fighting particular monsters. Tyson’s sword was always there with me by I wanted to dual wield, so I created them. I still could not summon them and I was not able to enchant them to be a type of thing I can put in my pocket or somewhere else from Hecate’s blessings except Chtypima Dynamis.

I was sitting in my room when I got a message to come to Chronos’ throne room. I went there to find Aether and Chronos both there and Aether said, “Percy, there are only 61 earth days left in your departure but I want you to leave now because I have your first and last mission to test your skills. I want you to fight Ladon the dragon and win. For that, you would have to ask him for the apples of immortality. You can vapor travel or use some other travel to the current Mount Othyrs. You should not come back as Chaos has told us that you will train for thirty days with the Egyptians Carter Kane and Sadie Kane as they have some secrets they would like to share with you. I am sorry my friend.”


Chapter 10


I was feeling very sad that I would have to leave them but I agreed. I packed my bag and put all my magical weapons with me. I put in many pieces of Ambrosia and nectar and ate one. I used light travel to reach the mountain. I had to wait for some time as I can only enter the garden at sunset. After sunset, I entered the garden and was standing in front of Ladon. Landon woke up with my sudden arrival as he is very good at senses. His hundred heads were hissing at me and poison was dripping from his fangs. He suddenly entered my mind and started talking to me.

(Italics is Ladon, Bold is me)

What are you doing here young hero?

I wish to have an apple of immortality.

Do you know that I guard this tree and I would not allow you to get it?

Yes, I do know Ladon.

Well then do you know that I have never lost a fight till now?

Yes, I do know.

I did not know he could enter minds and talk to someone telepathically. Then, I felt him leave my mind. Just after that, he pounced at me.

I moved to the side and activated Triplos. Just as I touched the tattoo with my gauntlet, Adia the armor appeared on me.

I lunged at him but he was extremely fast for a huge dragon. He moved on my left and swatted the trident away with his tail.

I used Hecate’s power to move mist and showed that I am still standing somewhere else. Then I went behind him and was almost going to stab him when he suddenly turned and punched me with his paw.

I felt him enter my mind.

Fool, you have to do your research. No power can trick me and no power except the pure power of the Gods can be used against me. I am blessed and born like that.



He exited my mind and I did not need Athena’s brain to understand that I would have to fight him without my powers. I thought of Triplos changing back into a tattoo and then I took out Fengitis by removing my ring from my fingers.

A sound that was definitely a sneer left the dragon’s mouth. I smirked and pressed the hidden button, which made it turn into a bow. Ladon realized that and lunged at me. I dodged his tail and thought, “Stygian Gold”. A black arrow with golden flakes appeared knocked on my bow ready for me to shoot. I left the string and the arrow hit its mark, right on some of the faces of Ladon.

Five of his faces ripped off his body, turning into dust, but I was not surprised when Ladon did not disintegrate. The guardian howled in pain as the arrow embedded itself in his neck. Ladon gripped the arrow and pulled it out before throwing it with dead accuracy and speed towards me.

At the last second, I dodged it but it scraped my arm. With much difficulty refrained from shouting as blood dripped from my arm. It was sunset time so neither the sun nor the moon could heal me. He tried to spit venom at me but I controlled the poison and made it drop to the ground.

Our fight continued for what felt like hours. I had lost count of how many times I had decapitated him. Every time I beheaded it, I felt like I was getting close to the final but there were still an uncountable number of heads left. I realized that it would have to do something that kills it instead of just beheading it.

It pounced at me but when he was in mid-air, I summoned Blackbiter in its Scythe form before running at full speed and dropping on the ground. The momentum pushed me even more forward and I raised my Scythe just as Ladon jumped past me. The Scythe cut his belly like it was butter and Ladon dissolved into golden fresh monster dust.



The golden dust then started to go towards the tree and Ladon reformed. Then he entered my mind.

Wow, you are the first one to defeat me. Go, you can take the apples.

Thank you but I do not want it.

WHAT? Then why did you say you did?

Um, I just wanted to test myself.

THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS. YOU CANNOT JUST DO THAT… Fine, I forgive you as I can figure out that someone must have sent you here.

I could not believe how he had found this out. The connection was not cut but I started to glow green like Ladon’s skin before it was back to normal.

What was that?

You were blessed by me. Something that happens if someone defeats me.

Oh, come on, all I wanted now was more blessings.

I am sorry for you my boy but let me tell you what you get from my blessings. You have much higher endurance and it is even stronger than that of Styx. Even though you would still bleed when hit with a lot of power, specifically god-strength. but there will not be a specific point. You did not feel pain because it was simply too much for your partially immortal brain to comprehend. Your blood would be like centaur blood for all monsters but that does not include Titans and giants. Monster blood, including Titans’ and giants’ blood, would heal you completely. Do not say anything for now. You will know the weaknesses of every monster including Titans and Giants. Also, if any of your weapons turn red after you kill someone, 50 percent of their power will come to you. I told you not to speak but you can mind message. But before your mind message me, let me tell you why I told you not to talk. The first sentence you speak should be a place you would like to reform once you die. Yes, you will not die, you will reform. So that makes you immortal. The second sentence you speak should contain only the names of two monsters. You will be able to shape-shift to these two monsters and tap the power of these monsters but they cannot be titans and giants. But beware, you will be killed if you are outside of the Greek Pantheon.



I stayed quiet for a moment, too shocked to do anything. I felt the mind connection with Ladon cut. Then I thought about the place I would like to reform. I was able to see a fire in my brain and I understood where I would reform. I took a deep breath and said, “Hestia’s Hearth.” I felt as if I was being bound to the hearth. I felt someone pulling me to it. Then, suddenly the sensation disappeared. Then, I thought of the monsters. I needed better stamina, strength, a bit better speed, and stamina, but with that, I also got the ability to poison people but I guess that would be fine. Next, I could get predatory skills like a lion and the ability to be super-fast and have protection. I could make armor for my mouth and goggles for my eyes so it would be very tough to kill me. I can just kill myself once to obtain the impenetrable armor.

So, after thinking and evaluating (thanks Athena) and not getting wavered from the topic (thanks Aether), I spoke aloud, “Chimera and Nemean Lion.” And I was hit with excruciating pain as I saw Nemean Lion and Chimera enter me through my eyes. I felt a connection forming and then the pain completely stopped. I felt powerful and different. “Well-chosen Perseus, now you may go.”


Chapter 11


Percy POV:

Chaos entered my mind and gave me an address to go to. Brooklyn was where they lived. I vapor traveled there and used my mist senses to find the House heavily guarded by mist. I put my hood on my face and went near the door before knocking on the door.

Suddenly an alarm started ringing and within two seconds, my old friend Carter was there with Sadie, weapons drawn out.

“Who are you and why are you here?” questioned a very serious Carter.

“Come on Carter, do not tell me that you forgot me after so many adventures we did together.”

Carter pressed his sword against my throat before hissing, “I asked who are you and why are you here?”

I raised my hands in a surrendering position and allowed my hood to fall. For a moment it was silent, so silent than I thought Harpocrates was standing next to me. Sadie and Carter both sighed, withdrew their weapons, and hugged me one by one.

“So, where is Annabeth?” asked a desperate Sadie. My mood immediately dropped and I explained to them what had happened. They became sad but Sadie said something that made me curious, “We both were expecting you.”

I questioned this and demanded the reason and Sadie explained it to me. “So, let me get this straight”, I said, “You turned into a chicken-woman in your dreams and then the person called Good Ma’at, which is Chaos, told you some important information and told you that I would have to follow the path of Amon before the merge of Ra and after I have read a book about him and swore that I will follow his path, you will tell some important information to me about the next war and you want me to start with my magician abilities by tomorrow. Also, even if you tell me the important information, I will have to train until I am good at magic.”



It was confirmed by a firm nod and Carter gave me a tour of the Brooklyn House. That night I went to sleep on their dreamless pillow and was happy to find that I did not have any dreams.

The next day after breakfast, I was introduced to everyone in the Brooklyn house and was surprised to find how many people were following the path of gods. The first step to me becoming a magician had to involve drinking “pure” water from the foot of the statue of Thoth and I was surprised to find that I could not control the water but I guess that is because it was pure, unlike saline seawater.

Then I was led to a library and was handed a thin old dusty book and told to read it. I thanked Athena that I did not have dyslexia and sat down to read the book.

The book was only 60 pages so I finished it in about 1 hour. It explained all about Amon and how he got his power from Thebes. He was the god of winds and invisibility. His name means “the hidden one”. It also said that there was a prophecy that stated only the one from a different pantheon would be able to follow the path of Amon and that nobody was able to do that. It also told about his powers.

It told that he could be invisible and see everything that was invisible. He could also make some parts of his body invisible and could make someone invisible. It said that by air, he could also control the matter of a human’s body as each cell of the human body had some air in it. By controlling matter, he could make a person just go via objects. Also, because the human cells had some air, he could will it to move the body the way he wanted.



I found his power cool. The thing I liked the most about him was his royal sword. It was a single-edged sword and it was curved a bit. Just above the hilt and in the middle of the blade was his symbol. The hilt was gold in color and was made by a metal not known to anyone except Amon. The top of it was blue and the color changed into black as it came down. The grip of the sword could be increased to use with both hands and decreased to fit with one hand. It said that nobody except Amon and his host could pick the sword. The weapon was so deadly that it could kill a god if used with its full power.

But to get it to full power, you would need a gem that was thrown away by Amon into the world of the Faded. Nobody could go in this Realm. By pressing the symbol, it could be changed into a Khopesh.

It could channel the powers of Amon and therefore control air and be invisible. Unfortunately, it could not be summoned or changed into something. It could also not be sheathed.

It had to be stored in something called the Duat. When I asked Carter about this Duat, he said he would teach me later. The best thing about it was when I reached the end of it. It said that the one who follows the path of Amon shall get this sword unless he renounces it.

After I finished reading it, Sadie told me to swear on Thoth’s name that I would follow Amon’s path and host him until I wish to renounce him. I did it without hesitation and Sadie and Carter accompanied me to my room.

“It is time for you to know that information”, Sadie stated and added, “The first war you were in was against Kronos, right?”

I just nodded in response and she continued, “You told me that he forcefully possessed your demigod friend’s body?”

I again nodded, not getting to any conclusion even with my Athenian brain.

“Kronos was very clever. He knew if he possessed the body in some other way, he would not get full control over the body. So used the Egyptian method of hosting to get a host himself and then took over your friend’s body. He did that by writing his name in history as a follower god of Seth.”

“And according to the good Ma’at, the proto-primordial you will fight in the war coming in a century would be Apoapsis and I am told to not tell you what his Greek counterpart is until the end of your session.

This is the reason that you will need to be the host of an Egyptian god, as to fight a person with an Egyptian God to host, you will need a very powerful Egyptian god at your side. I was told to inform you that that Apoapsis was not always bad, he was corrupted by the Evil Ma’at.”



I stared at her, wide-eyed with shock. Questions rang inside my mind. Questions that only time can answer and no, I do not mean Chronos.

Another war? Another Great Prophecy? A century? I am a part of it? Again? Kronos hosted Luke? Who is Apoapsis’ counterpart? Would I face the Evil Ma’at after this? Why me again?


Chapter 12


Later that day I learned how to create a bag with the enchantment of never-ending storage. I even created it but fell after that from exhaustion. I even tried summoning Amon but failed miserably. Now Carter would be checking my close combat skills by sending his five best trainees and him himself at me at the same time.

So, I went to their training room and saw that each of them was already there. As I entered the room, all eyes were on me. Everyone surrounded the arena leaving only 6 people, one of them being Carter. Carter took his Khopesh out of nowhere and the others also took out their weapons. I scanned to see that one person had Bronze-Tipped Spear and Shield, the third one had a bow and arrow with daggers at each side of his waist, while the other had a Battle Axe, and the rest had only Khopesh.

None of them were wearing armor, so I removed my gauntlet and put it in my jacket pocket. I removed Katalixi from my pocket and removed Whiplash, which was a sword that can turn into a whip with just a button. I still wore the two rings, my necklace, my watch, and my cap if it would be required.



The people, who were smirking to see my pen, were now serious after seeing Whiplash. I walked to the center of the arena and the six people made a circle around me. I joked to lighten up the mood, “Well, I am using my pen because a pen is mightier than a sword.” None of them were amused. They started spinning around until the person with a Khopesh moved forward. He lunged at me and I blocked it with Whiplash, before uncapping Katalixi and striking at him with it.

He dodged it at the last second as he was busy gawking at it. I stabbed at his chest and he blocked it with his Khopesh before raising his arm to strike at me. I saw it as an opening and cut his chest, before hitting him on his head with the flat of my blade, knocking him out successfully.

I turned to see another person lunging at me. I rolled down and turned Whiplash into a whip, before throwing it towards the person’s stomach. It rolled around his stomach and I pulled on the whip. He spun around once before crying out in pain and falling. I heard the sound of a bowstring releasing and jumped out of the way, before throwing Katalixi towards a person with the spear. He put down his spear and burnt his hand in an attempt to pick up Katalixi. He surrendered. Meanwhile, I changed my watch into Empodio, and all the arrows released clanged against it. I tried to grab the bow with my whip and successfully did after two tries. I pulled the bow and threw it out of the arena.

He growled and took out his dual daggers, before charging at me. From the corner of my eyes, I could also see Carter lounging at me. At the last moment, when both of them were close to me, I thought, “Limousine”. My body re-aligned itself with the help of my dad and formed a Limousine. It pushed both the attackers back and they fell on the rest of the people. I changed back to myself and started going towards them. By this time, Carter was already up and had his wand in his hand. He said, “Hadi” while pointing the wand at Whiplash. I understood that it was the destroying spell as he had used it before and I also saw that a heliograph was coming towards me. I mist-traveled behind Carter and the spell hit the ground making a big crater.

I threw away Empodio and held Carter’s should with my hand, while Whiplash was pointing at Carter’s Adam’s Apple. “Do you yield?”, I asked, not even panting because I had done a lot of practice. Suddenly Carter did a split and moved his legs back to hold my legs and tried to twist my leg. I turned into an eagle and escaped before morphing back to a human. He got up and charged at me. I felt Katalixi return to me and uncapped it before swinging it towards Carter in a deadly arc. It would have cut him in half if he had not parried it at the last second.

As his Khopesh locked my Katalixi, he tried to stab my belly. I stopped it with Whiplash, before joining both my swords to form an X and pushed Carter behind. He fell on the ground with a loud thud and his swords clattered away from his reach. He immediately yielded and left the arena. Everyone was looking at me shocked as I had beaten the best swordsman of their house. Now there were only three people left. The one with the hunting knives slowly started moving towards me. I capped Katalixi and put Whiplash in its sheath, before removing my two rings and forming my hunting knives.

I had understood that the best way to fight a person is to use the same weapons as him until and unless you are not skilled as him. Anyways, he moved forward and slashed at me. I parried and decided not to attack, just to see how good he is. Turns out, he was pretty good. He used a method of attack I did not know but understood that it was the Egyptian method of attack. I found one opening in his stance and stabbed there. He realized what I was doing and blocked it with the hilt. I pulled my dagger back disarming him. I then stabbed him on his thighs and he yielded as blood oozed from his wound.

As quickly as possible, I defeated the two people left. Only Sadie applauded as I won as the rest were sad that I had defeated the best warriors of their house. I was drenched in sweat but I realized that none of them had been able to land a blow on me. This thought cheered me up and I quickly went for a bath after a quick talk with Sadie, asking her what to do next, to which she replied by telling me that I am free for that day and further training would start tomorrow.



Time skip to 28 days:

Today was my last day at the House. I had to study the Egyptian way of fighting and have used all Roman, Greek, and Egyptian ways of fighting. I even host Amon. He is very wise and only interrupts me when needed. I even got the sword of his, which I can summon whenever I want. I hugged Sadie, Carter, and Ross and Juliet, who had become my best friends. I was very sad that I would have to leave them but after my adieu, I left the Brooklyn house.


Chapter 13


3rd person POV:

Percy flashed to the magnificent throne room of Olympus to find it empty, not even Hestia was on her throne or near the Hearth. The confusion on Percy’s face was clear. There is always at least one god sitting on his/her throne, why then not today? Percy unleashed his indestructible Black wings that were like copies of the universe. Then from under those wings sprung another pair of wings. These were all black and they seemed to suck light into them. Then the last pair of wings sprung out.

These were white and were so bright that they could easily blind Apollo. Now Percy had a total of six wings, three on each side. Percy shot into the air, flying with full speed. He looked down at Western Civilization but could not find the Gods. Then, he went to Camp Olympus, to find that the gods were fighting alongside the kids. On the other side were at least 20000 monsters. Behind them all, were three titans, Pallas, the titan of Warcraft and battle, Perses, the Titan of Destruction, and Hyperion, the Titan of light and sun.

Percy became angry and released 20 percent of his aura. His aura was that of Zeus. That made everyone stop and look up in his direction. Everyone was surprised to see a person with six wings! Percy increased his speed and flew downwards, banging straight into the ground, forming a crater, and sending a shock-wave through the whole camp. Water formed around his legs and fire around his hands. Amon told him not to summon Amon’s sword and fight this without the help of him. He did not want others except Ares to know his identity yet. Why Ares but? That is because when he uncapped his USB, his gauntlet disappeared and formed an armor. He knew that Ares would know who he is, but he knew that he would have to tell everyone after the fight. He weaved through the army of monsters killing anyone who came at him. He threw knives at them, killing them effectively. All the campers and Gods were staring at him in shock, not even moving.



They did not believe that someone could be so skilled. He never seemed to run out of throwing knives. Athena and Ares were staring at his double-sided sword, shocked at how much energy it wielded. He killed every monster, not even using his powers. After around what felt like two seconds to the gods, and 10 hours for Percy, all the monsters except the three titans were dead. Percy did get some bad slashes from the Cyclopes but his blood brought the Cyclopes to Tartarus. He blocked some strikes from the wings, using their indestructibility as his shield. Percy saw that Lampsi never turned red and understood that this meant he did not get any power from the monsters he killed. The titans looked at him with fear. Percy smirked and said, “Well, hope you would like to see this.”

He summoned the Scythe of Kronos and threw away his double-sided sword, knowing that it would come back to him. The jaws of all the titans as well as the gods fell on the ground. Before Perses could recover from his shock, Percy had him bleeding severely. His cuts, which were already healing from the light of the sun, healed completely when the Titan’s blood touched his skin. With one final blow, Perses was sent to-not Tartarus -but the Realm of the faded. He was sent there because the Scythe had this ability. The Scythe started to turn red and the glow disappeared after a few seconds.

Percy then started glowing. Hyperon came from behind as Percy was busy trying to understand the powers he got and Hyperon got his ax through Percy. The ax hit Percy’s skin like it was metal, but before Percy could move and attack Hyperon, Hyperon used his Titan power and the ax went through Percy. The whole battleground became silent. No one dared to open their mouth. Nobody realized the dust that was formed when Percy was killed. No one realized that the dust had started to move. This awkward silence was cut when Hyperon started laughing.



Meanwhile, Percy had reformed in the Hearth. Percy light traveled and his body, like always, was transformed into hundreds of photons. He traveled in the speed of light towards the top of Hyperon and reformed there. He saw Hyperon laughing and smirked and said, “You thought you can defeat me so easily?” Hyperon, now startled, stuttered, “Y-You, th-there how? Who are you?”

“Well Hyperon, don’t tell me you forgot me”, said Percy, his voice ringing in the entire field, “I am the one who helped in making you the beautiful tree, the one who made you get fired from your job as the doorman of the Doors of Death.”

The whole battlefield was quiet, no one said anything but it did not take too long for Athena to gasp as realization hit her, which was followed by other gasps of astonishment from the Titans and the Gods. The demigods still had not realized that it was Percy. Percy smiled and the battle between two titans and a blessed demigod began.


Chapter 14


3rd person POV

Percy moved forward and instead of dodging the rays of the sun Helios shot at him, he absorbed them. Helios was startled at how the demigod did not die but Percy used the surprise as a weapon and tried to behead the Sun Titan. At the last moment, Helios stopped the Scythe with his ax. Percy smirked as Helios fell into his trap. He channeled his time powers through his Scythe -which was easier due to the original owner of the scythe- and made the Titan freeze.

Before he could fade the titan, Pallas stopped him with his spear. Pallas is one of the best warriors ever known to Greek Mythology. Pallas has also realized that he should not touch Percy’s blood. Percy went for an uppercut but Pallas blocked it easily. Percy knew he could not win with this titan and tried to infuriate him so the titan makes rash decisions. He tried to find his memory for facts about this titan, simultaneously parring the strikes of Pallas. He realized that Nike was the daughter of Pallas and Kratos the god of strength was also his son.

“Your daughter would never be with you Pallas and nor will be your son”, he mocked the titan, successfully infuriating him.



Percy POV:

I could see he was trying to calm down, knowing I was mocking him. So, I went a step further, mocking his abilities.

“Oh, come on, stop fighting so lackadaisical. I think you are fighting bad purposely because you know that Tyche, Hedone, and Nike are never with you and never will.”

He got so angry that I thought steam was coming off his ears. “You impertinent boy”, he growled, twirling his spear so he was holding it like a dagger and then raised his arm to stab me. Yes, I thought, finally finding an opening. Before he could stab me, I lunged and put blackbiter deep inside his underarm, earning a shriek in return.

Surprised, the titan dropped his spear, clutching his damaged underarm. Within the next minute, I had his body covered with his ichor, his head away from his body. The scythe again got red and I felt a lot wiser and better at battle.

I made a full 360-degree turn just to check for any enemy left. I saw that there was one person hidden behind a tree. The person was wearing a hoodie, therefore I could not see his/her face. Before I could advance on that person, the person moved forward and drew something on the soil, before teleporting.

I walked towards the tree cautiously and bent down, looking at what she has drawn. I gasped realizing it is the same thing as my dreams.



Flashback: 400 years on the planet of Chronos:

My dream that day was quite weird. There was something extremely wrong with it.

I knew I was being followed. I ran with full speed, trying to put the stalker in the dust. The sky was dark and it was raining. I was in a kind of abandoned nuclear-power site. Suddenly the sky darkened even more and a letter appeared out of nowhere.

It was black and had a symbol on it. I opened it to find a note addressed to me. It said:

Young hero, come to me. I am your true master. I hold the ultimate power. Come to me, and we will banish the people who have betrayed you. Come to me, and we would mix our powers. I await your arrival. ~O

I suddenly turned around, finding that the follower has found me. He lunges at me, but I am not even able to move my hands.

I woke up breathing heavily. I look around and find Aether illuminating my room. I tell him about my dream and ask him about the symbol.

He stares at me, wide-eyed, and for the first time in four hundred years, I see sweat trickling down his forehead as he flashes away.

End of flashback



I walked towards the gods and bowed to them. Suddenly, I felt Athena enter my mind, followed by the other Olympians too. Athena telepathically spoke first. Perseus, quickly decide a pseudonym for yourself.

A what? I asked, not knowing the meaning.

Athena replied: Fake name, you kelp head.

I resisted the urge to use his powers on Athena. I quickly thought of a name for Me. Filosgia, a mixture of two words: friend and foe, he quickly replied.

Athena announced, “Campers, I introduce you to Filosgia. He is our friend, you do not need to fear him. He would bring demigods to the camp.”

Someone from the Athena cabin spoke to Athena, “How do we trust him if we can’t see his face?” Just as he said it, I felt strings getting attached to my heart and mind. It was quite a weird feeling. Athena replied, “He would not –”

“-I will”, I cut her.



I quickly changed my appearance thanks to Aphrodite. I now had blonde hair, bright orange eyes, a changed face, my Adam’s apple sticking out. I removed my hood, earning a gasp from the whole Olympian council and an understanding nod from Athena.

Time skip: One Hour:

As I was looking around the camp, I went to my favorite spot, the beach. I was completely flabbergasted when I saw a statue of myself in the lake. Under it was a board having a statement. It said: